Motorbiking in South Africa

By 10th Apr 2018motorbike tours
Karoo Scenery

There is a massive motorbike culture in South Africa, and with countless, breathtaking routes scattered throughout the country, there’s no real wonder why!

Road-tripping in South Africa generally means incredible vistas, fresh air and sights that you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the world. Keep reading to find out everything else that you should know.

Popular Biker Routes

Driving through the unique roads of the Karoo is sure to be a highlight for you if you decide to go motorbiking in SA. There’s a chance to relax and breathe in the refreshing air as you cruise along some of the windiest, most interesting roads with majestic mountains and unbelievable rock formations surrounding you. There’s also a multitude of historical towns to explore.

Other popular biker routes include Chapman’s Peak Drive, the Garden Route, Route 62 and the N7 highway, which runs along the west coast between Cape Town and Namibia.

What Are the Roads Like?

Many are surprised to discover that South Africa actually has a very impressive road network consisting of freeways, highways, main roads and gravel roads. Even the gravel roads are more than adequate to drive on with a motorbike, meaning that there isn’t a corner in the country that you won’t be able to explore and discover.

In terms of road safety, aside from having to keep a lookout for potholes and opportunistic criminals, you can expect to be quite safe. Just be aware of other motorists when travelling on main roads, however, as many are not as conscious of bike riders, motorbikers and cyclists alike, as they should be!


With accident statistics forever on the rise, both South African local riders, as well as touring bikers, are urged to follow the ATGATT rule – All The Gear, All The Time! A durable helmet is essential, and motorbike gloves, boots and leathers are all recommended too. Technical riding pants are also a good idea, although specially-reinforced denim jeans are another viable option to consider. Don’t think you’re being a hero by foregoing any of this gear – road rash isn’t anybody’s friend!

Keen to embark upon an exciting motorbike tour in SA? Let the tepid wind tug on your leather jacket, open the throttle on seemingly never-ending roads and take in a new side of South Africa – contact Africa Moto Tour today!