Laingsburg and the Bosluiskloof Pass

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Known for its laid-back lifestyle, Laingsburg in the Great Karoo is also revered for its natural beauty and rich heritage. It was originally inhabited by the Khoikhoi herders and the resourceful San hunter gatherers, before the arrival of European colonists, and still has that nostalgic, rural feel to it.

With mountainous views, majestic sunsets and a world of unbeaten paths, there’s no wonder why Laingsburg is such a popular destination for those looking to get up close and personal with the many wonders of the Western Cape.

Trails and Tracks

Laingsburg is also very close to the Bosluiskloof Pass – a truly stunning route that extends from Seweweekspoort down to the Gamkapoort Dam, and a highlight for bikers. The pass was completed in the mid 1800s by Adam de Smidt, Thomas Bain’s brother in law.

Roughly translated, the pass is called Tick Valley. It doesn’t sound very welcoming – but, don’t worry. The winding road isn’t rife with little creatures desperate to suck your blood. The pass is so named due to the discovery of thousands of fossilized ticks found in the rocks during the building phase.

We’ve already mentioned Seweweekspoort, and its low-lying mountain pass is another must for those heading to Laingsburg. The ravine boasts incredible rock formations, including vertical rock folds, and plenty of unspoiled nature.

One of the main reasons why bikers flock to this narrow pass, in particular, is for the chance to catch a glimpse of the Protea aristata. This very rare protea (so rare that it was once thought to be extinct) pops up here, almost exclusively, around Christmas time.

The Flood Museum & Complex

Back in 1981, the Laingsburg region was hit by a devastating flood – one of such magnitude that it left the town and its people in ruins. It was so severe that a large portion of the town was literally swept away in minutes.

The Flood Museum was built to remember the catastrophic event and commemorate those who lost their lives. Along with artifacts from the flood itself, the little museum also exhibits The Wolfaardt Collection of Africana and memorabilia (an exhibition focused on artifacts from the Anglo-Boer War and the Great Trek).

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