Hidden Gems in Cape Point Nature Reserve

By 10th Jul 2018motorbike tours
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If you have heard about the Cape Point Nature Reserve, you have undoubtedly heard about its infamous lighthouses, too (only one of which is still in operation). While they are both spectacular, these lighthouses are hardly all that the Nature Reserve has to offer its visitors.

When you join Africa Moto Tour for one of our thrilling motorbike day tours, we’ll be taking you here, and are keen to introduce you to a few of the hidden gems as mentioned below…

Dias Monument

You’ll find the Dias monument/cross within the reserve, a navigational beacon erected to commemorate Bartolomeu Dias, one of the very first explorers to reach the Cape. The monument is more than just something pretty to look at though. In fact, it works hand in hand with the Da Gama cross. When both crosses line up, they point to Whittle Rock – which was a major shipping hazard in False Bay back in the day.

The Animals

How can one possibly visit a nature reserve without taking a few moments to appreciate the majestic fauna around them? Keep your eyes peeled, and you might catch a glimpse of the Cape angulate tortoise, Chacma baboon, Eland and the African Oyster catcher. The reserve is also home to over 250 different species of bird.

Circular Drive

There’s no need to drive in and out on the same road when you visit Cape Point Nature Reserve. There are many off-the-beaten track options for those looking to find some of the reserve’s other, rarer hidden treasures like puff adders (keep your distance!) and the bontebok antelope.

There are also a handful of hidden beaches, with crystal clear waters and stark white sand which would put many other beaches on the Atlantic seaboard to shame.

We will make sure that you get to see the side of the Cape Point Nature Reserve most people (including locals), don’t even realise exist. Book with us today for a truly memorable trip.

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