Cape Town’s Water Situation is Back on Track

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Last year this time, all Capetonians had to look forward to was a long dry summer and further water restrictions. News sources all over the world made much of this disaster, and tourists stayed away hoping to help the situation.

Ironically, the city which had initiated drought relief efforts for the northern provinces’ dire water situation, now found itself up the same creek.

Working Together

In true form, Cape Town’s citizens answered with increasingly innovative ways to conserve water, many which have remained in place even as the crisis subsides. Up country sources returned the favour, ferrying truck and plane loads of water to their southern sister in her time of need. Loyal travellers still showed up, enjoying their holidays without harming the delicate balance between survival and disaster.

Somehow, their concerted and combined efforts kept the seemingly inevitable Day Zero at bay. Cape Town never ran out of water. Winter came and today the water situation looks very different.

The Current Cape Town Water Situation

Cape Town has not received exceptional rains during this rainy season, but thanks to the incredible efforts of its citizens, it has been enough. Water reserves are on the rise and its business per the new normal for the Mother City.

Upper Steenbras Dam tops the list and is full to 96% from 60% last year. Threewaterskloof has almost doubled is volume from 18% to 30%, and the Berg River Dam is at 67.8 % compared to 36.5% last year.

Currently, the average level of Cape Town’s dams is above 50%, more than double the volumes of last year. Aerial footage paints a beautiful picture of this amazing recovery, but it’s better to see it in person.

Come Back to Cape Town

With a long history of hospitality, Cape Town knows how to budget for the water consumption of its guests, which only accounts for 1% of usage.
The city is and always was ready to welcome tourists, so come back and celebrate our good fortune with us. There are pristine beaches to enjoy, mountainsides once again gushing with waterfalls to admire and the fun never stopped. Icy cocktails at the end of long summer days await and the open road beckons.

You’ll find so much to love about the Mother City this summer and you know as well as we do that it’s better from the back of a bike.

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